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Opportunity Knocks: 4 Career Advice Tips for Legal Secretaries

Posted by Charles A. Volkert, Esq. on 3/26/15 11:00 AM

March 26: National Legal Assistants Day -- recognizing the many contributions made by legal assistants within the legal profession 


The role of legal secretaries continues to grow and evolve. According to the Robert Half Legal 2015 Salary Guide, legal secretaries are taking on a broader array of duties and supporting more attorneys than ever before. In fact, many of today’s legal secretaries work for five or more lawyers. 

Thanks to their ever-expanding career responsibilities, legal secretaries are also earning higher salaries than ever before. This year, legal secretaries with three to six years of experience working at large law firms (more than 75 lawyers) will earn a starting salary between $47,750 and $61,750, according to the 2015 Salary Guide. That’s a 2.6 percent salary increase as compared to 2014.

Topics: Career advice, Paralegals and legal support professionals

Can you achieve cost transparency with eDiscovery projects?

Posted by Steven J. Baron on 3/24/15 11:00 AM


What does an eDiscovery engagement cost? In today’s legal marketplace, with increasing attention to cost transparency, it’s a question I’m asked frequently by clients -- a straightforward question that unfortunately has no easy or direct answer. Each eDiscovery matter is unique -- with distinct parameters and focus and variables, each of which will likely have a direct bearing on the cost of the undertaking.

Topics: Management advice, e-Discovery

Four Ways to Make the Most of Legal Conferences

Posted by Robert Half Legal on 3/20/15 11:00 AM

If you’re like most in the legal profession, you probably attend at least one legal conference every year. You try to participate in as many of the seminars and workshops as possible, show up at all the social events and even take part in the recreational activities.

When you’re at a legal convention, every single person you meet could be an excellent source of information, a potential referral or simply a valuable contact to have in the future.

But are you taking full advantage of the considerable networking opportunities these conferences have to offer? When you’re at a legal convention, every single person you meet could be an excellent source of information, a potential referral or simply a valuable contact to have in the future.

Topics: Career advice

Career Advice: 5 Ways to Improve Legal Client Satisfaction

Posted by Robert Half Legal on 3/18/15 11:00 AM

Today’s clients are expecting more out of their partnerships with organizations that provide legal counsel and services. According to Robert Half Legal’s Future Law Office research, client demands are now “primary drivers of change within the legal profession.” The report reveals that clients are seeking more value for their money, including alternative fee arrangements and better counsel and communication on new legislation and rules that may affect their business.


Law firms are working to strengthen client relationships and enhance the value of the services they provide. Here are five strategies that can help boost client satisfaction: 

Topics: Career advice

eDiscovery Specialist Joel Wuesthoff to Address "Big Data and the Internet of Things" at University of Florida EDRM E-Discovery Conference

Posted by Robert Half Legal on 3/16/15 11:00 AM

Joel_Wuesthoff_Robert_Half_LegalJoel Wuesthoff, a senior director with Robert Half Legal's consulting and eDiscovery services practice in New York, will be joining a distinguished panel of experts presenting at the third annual University of Florida EDRM E-Discovery Conference — "Electronic Discovery in Social Media, Mobile Devices and the Cloud" on Friday, March 27, 2015. 

Topics: Industry trends, Legal profession, e-Discovery, Industry events

Legal Career Advice: 5 Things to Know Before Changing Your Practice Area

Posted by Lisa M. Hamilton on 3/12/15 11:00 AM

Q: I’m interested in changing my legal career and possibly switching practice areas. What’s the best way to make this transition? And in what industries are there the most legal jobs?


There are many factors that could cause legal professionals to set their sights on a new course. You may discover that you specialized too early in your career, or you’ve chosen legal jobs with stagnant growth and limited opportunities. Changing practice areas is a big move that shouldn’t be taken lightly. So before you make any major career transitions, ask yourself the following questions:  

Topics: Career advice, Job seekers, Ask the Legal Career Expert

5 Social Media Training Tips to Help Boost Legal Careers

Posted by Lisa M. Hamilton on 3/10/15 11:00 AM

Q: I’ve read that legal professionals need a greater online presence in order to get ahead. I’d love to get more involved with social media as a way to “enhance my brand,” but I’m afraid of making mistakes. Any words of wisdom?

Topics: Career advice, Ask the Legal Career Expert

6 Legal Conferences You Won’t Want to Miss in 2015

Posted by Robert Half Legal on 3/5/15 11:00 AM

Everyone in the legal profession can benefit from attending legal forums and conferences, whether you’re a legal secretary, paralegal, new associate, or partner. Not only do these events offer valuable CLE workshops and seminars full of career advice, but they also provide numerous networking opportunities to participants. Fortunately, there is a wide array of conferences available to legal professionals each and every year.


A legal conference is an ideal venue to meet with peers, learn from industry leaders and discuss current issues.

Here are six conferences you may want to consider attending in 2015:

Topics: Career advice, Industry events

5 Questions You Will Likely be Asked During a Legal Job Interview

Posted by Robert Half Legal on 3/3/15 11:00 AM

Successful interviewing with law firms and corporate legal departments has a great deal to do with proper research and making a point to distinguish yourself from other job candidates.

One smart strategy is to practice specific responses to a few of the questions commonly asked during law job interviews beyond the typical queries, such as, “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” and “Tell me about yourself.”

Here are five topics the hiring manager is likely to introduce during the interview, along with an idea of the type of response he or she is probably looking for:

Topics: Career advice

Healthcare Law Update: Tips for Dodging Records Management Minefields

Posted by Robert Half Legal on 2/27/15 1:00 PM


On February 11, 2015, Robert Half Legal was invited to speak at the New York Chapter of the Association of Records Managers (ARMA). Robert Half invited Karina Smuclovisky, assistant general counsel, Memorial Healthcare System (pictured below), to join Joel Wuesthoff, senior director of Robert Half Legal’s eDiscovery and Information Governance Solutions, for the evening presentation entitled, “Dodging the Minefields: Updates from healthcare front lines on transitioning from Records Management to IG.”


Topics: Management advice, Industry trends, Industry events

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