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2015 Forecast: Hiring and Salary Trends for Legal Jobs

Posted by Charles A. Volkert, Esq. on 11/20/14 9:00 AM



Whether you’re gearing up to recruit or benchmarking best practices to lift retention rates, the Robert Half Legal 2015 Salary Guide is a good place to start. With data for more than 100 legal jobs, as well as a comprehensive overview of paralegal and lawyer salary trends, the guide is an indispensable tool for legal managers.


Here are the top five trends we’re seeing for the coming year:

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Client Expectations, Technology Driving Change for Legal Support Personnel

Posted by Robert Half Legal on 11/18/14 9:00 AM

As law firms remain focused on delivering legal services more efficiently and enhancing value to clients, the role of legal support personnel continues to shift and expand. Research conducted for Robert Half Legal’s annual Future Law Office program finds that legal organizations are looking for paralegals and legal secretaries who can perform more comprehensive duties than in the past. 

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Succession Planning: A Legal Practice Management Imperative

Posted by Robert Half Legal on 11/14/14 9:00 AM


Succession planning has increasingly become a strategic component of law firm management – and essential to future viability and success, Robert Half Legal Future Law Office research finds. According to an article in the Connecticut Law Tribune, members of the baby boomer generation account for the most senior-level positions in many law firms, generating an estimated 50 percent of fee originations and holding more than 30 percent of the partnership positions. Succession planning has become a key business imperative.

Topics: Management advice, Industry trends, Future Law Office

Managing eDiscovery: Cloud and Social Media Considerations

Posted by Joel Wuesthoff, Esq. on 11/13/14 9:00 AM

By Joel Wuesthoff, Esq. and Sunny Sanghani


Social media and cloud computing are making eDiscovery increasingly challenging for law firms, their clients and corporate legal departments -- and it’s unlikely to get any easier in the years ahead.

Consider the rapidly expanding usage of cloud services and social networking: Global cloud-based security services are projected to grow more than 45 percent to $3.1 billion by 2015; LinkedIn reported in April that it now has 300 million members, having added 23 million members since December 2013; Facebook today has more than one billion users, including some 25 million businesses with active Facebook pages; as of January, Twitter reported that it has more than 640 million active registered users, with an average of more than nine thousand tweets going out every second.

Topics: Management advice, e-Discovery

ACC Annual Conference Offers Valuable Networking and CLE Opportunities

Posted by Lisa M. Hamilton on 11/11/14 9:00 AM


I recently returned from the Association of Corporate Counsel’s Annual Meeting, one of the largest conferences for in-house counsel. Held October 28-31 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, this year’s event focused on making connections.

Topics: Legal profession, Industry events

Want to Boost Job Satisfaction? 5 Ways to Help Your Legal Manager Manage You

Posted by Billie J. Watkins, Esq. on 11/6/14 9:00 AM

Are you working for a micromanager? Do you often find yourself wishing your manager would stop focusing on inconsequential details and provide more constructive feedback that could be more helpful? Such issues with your legal manager can be extremely frustrating and disconcerting; and more importantly, they can have an adverse impact on your job satisfaction, perhaps even your work performance.

Topics: Career advice

Mind the Gap: 3 Tips for Handling Unemployment on Your Legal Resume

Posted by Lisa M. Hamilton on 11/4/14 9:00 AM

Q: I’m applying for a new position and worried about a gap between jobs in my legal resume. I’m afraid potential employers won’t give me a second look because I’ve not held a legal position in many months. What can I do to improve my chances of landing a job?

A: While your skills and experience aren’t rendered null and void simply because you had a period of voluntary or involuntary unemployment, gaps in work history can negatively affect your chances of getting hired. But don’t worry too much: You can successfully handle a break in your legal resume. Here’s how:

Topics: Career advice, Ask the Legal Career Expert, Resumes

Legal Career Advice: How to Bounce Back from a Blunder

Posted by Lisa M. Hamilton on 10/30/14 9:00 AM

Q: I recently made a stupid mistake at work. I know these things happen to everyone, but now I’m afraid my boss and colleagues won’t be able to trust me anymore. How can I make things right again and regain their confidence?

Topics: Career advice, Ask the Legal Career Expert

“Must Do” Strategies Help Legal Managers Boost Team Productivity (Part 2)

Posted by Billie J. Watkins, Esq. on 10/28/14 9:00 AM

Have you ever managed a team project that required everyone to work 12-hour days, for weeks on end – only to realize that at the end of the assignment, you missed the mark? I remember a project I handled a number of years ago before I joined Robert Half -- I was responsible for planning and implementing a last-minute event. In my zeal to meet the deadline, I selected a venue that yielded half the attendees we’d anticipated. In hindsight, it wasn’t the best decision, but you can be sure I played Monday morning quarterback following that project to analyze what transpired so I never suffer that kind of missed opportunity again.

Topics: Management advice

Security Breach? Urgency for Law Firm Management to Assess Cyber Risks

Posted by Charles A. Volkert, Esq. on 10/23/14 3:45 PM

Cybercrime. This one word is enough to send chills down any legal or IT professional’s spine; and it’s no wonder why. The estimated annual cost to the global economy from cybercrime now exceeds $400 billion, according to a report from The Center for Strategic and International Studies and McAfee.

Topics: Management advice, Technology

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