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Considering a New Practice Area? Leverage Current Trends in the Legal Profession

Posted by Robert Half Legal on 9/2/14 9:00 AM

Do you sometimes find yourself thinking about taking your law career in a new direction? If so, you’re probably not alone. Because the legal profession is continuously evolving, practice areas ebb and flow in popularity as business dynamics shift, causing new law position specialties to emerge.

Topics: Industry trends, Career advice

You'll Never Guess Why Sunday is Special for Those in Litigation Legal Jobs

Posted by Lisa M. Hamilton on 8/28/14 9:00 AM


We all learn at a young age that Mother’s Day is celebrated in the month of May and Father’s Day is acknowledged each year in June and similarly, the date in July we commemorate our country's independence. And in the legal profession, May 1st is recognized by the American Bar Association as National Law Day.

And then there’s “Love Litigating Lawyers Day” – can anyone put a date to that one?

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Dynamic Changes in Healthcare -- A Silver Lining for Legal Professionals?

Posted by Robert Half Legal on 8/26/14 9:00 AM

Demand for expertise in the legal aspects of healthcare is climbing. Not surprisingly, recent healthcare reforms and regulations are fueling legal employment opportunities for lawyers and paralegals needed to manage the legal complexities associated with the healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotech sectors.

One in three lawyers named healthcare as the practice area expected to generate the most legal positions in the next two years in a recent Robert Half Legal survey. And in other research, lawyers said the healthcare practice area will offer one of the greatest revenue generation opportunities for their law firm in the coming years, ranking behind only litigation and general business/commercial law.

Topics: Industry trends, Career advice

Unpredictable Caseloads Require Creative Staffing by Legal Managers

Posted by Robert Half Legal on 8/21/14 9:00 AM

The legal profession may be seeing rising caseloads and improving prospects, but legal employers remain cautious about adding full-time staff too quickly, concerned they may need to scale back again down the road. But understaffing can be just as risky if legal managers find themselves unable to meet client needs, take advantage of new opportunities or find specialized expertise.

Topics: Management advice, Hiring advice

Generational Debate Among Legal Professionals – Is Collaboration the Answer?

Posted by Lisa M. Hamilton on 8/19/14 9:00 AM

For Millennials and Baby Boomers to coexist in the legal workforce, they must first have a solid understanding and appreciation for each other’s strengths.

Topics: Management advice

Legal Employment Options: Beyond Traditional Jobs in Law

Posted by Robert Half Legal on 8/14/14 9:00 AM

Unlike the relatively predictable path attorneys have followed in the past, many 21st century practitioners are choosing to take a road less travelled, pursuing nontraditional careers in the legal field. And it’s a strategic option -- the legal knowledge you’ve acquired during law school, combined with the analytical, research and writing abilities you’ve honed, can readily be applied to a number of different positions and industries.

In a previous post, we outlined a number of nontraditional career tracks available to those with law degrees. Here are some additional law position alternatives that are available.


Topics: Career advice, Job seekers

Performance Review Coming Up? 6 Critical Legal Career Questions to Ask

Posted by Lisa M. Hamilton on 8/12/14 9:00 AM

Today's legal careers entail complex activities and responsibilities, many of which are continually changing. I recently wrapped up my yearly performance review and find that while this is a mandatory event, taking time out of my busy schedule to thoroughly prepare for this annual meeting is incredibly useful for keeping my career goals on track. These yearly checkups can help you determine if you're satisfied with your current position and, if not, whether it's time to start looking elsewhere. Conducting an annual audit also can help you avoid getting to a career crisis point where you're tempted to give notice without having a backup plan in place.


Topics: Career advice

Legal Career Advice for Selecting an Area of Specialization (Part Two)

Posted by Charles A. Volkert, Esq. on 8/11/14 1:57 PM


Deciding on an area of legal specialization to pursue is a critical decision, one that can have a long-lasting impact on your career.


That certainly has been true in my experience, as I’ve transitioned through different roles during my career -- from working as a litigation attorney following law school to counseling clients today on strategic and cost-effective legal business project and staffing solutions.  


Topics: Career advice, Salary

Seven Tips to Help New Associates Launch Successful Legal Careers

Posted by Charles A. Volkert, Esq. on 8/7/14 9:00 AM


As a former litigation associate, I know it can take time to get accustomed to a new role in a law firm, to learn the ropes and get comfortable with the job, people and culture of the organization.


Here are seven ways to help expedite the process and help get your legal career off the ground:

Topics: Career advice

Grooming Potential Leaders: Legal Practice Management Tips

Posted by Robert Half Legal on 8/5/14 9:00 AM

Managers in law firms and corporate legal departments should always be on the lookout for legal professionals who have the skills and desire to lead. These potential leaders require mentoring and career development opportunities if your legal organization expects them to step up and become a member of the next generation of managers. 

Topics: Management advice

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