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5 Tips to Ensure a Relaxing Holiday from Your Law Office

Posted by Lisa M. Hamilton on 12/19/14 9:00 AM

The holiday countdown has begun and for many of us, the end of the year and start of another is an ideal time to regain a bit of perspective on life and work. Taking some time away from the office can help you recharge personally and professionally, and a little pre-vacation organization can go a long way toward assuring a relaxing respite.

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Off the Beaten Partner Track: Law Jobs Offer Better Work-Life Balance

Posted by Charles A. Volkert, Esq. on 12/18/14 9:00 AM

Back when I was a lawyer, the path to a partner position was well-defined: Graduate from law school. Join a firm as an associate and hope you become a partner after seven-plus years of exceeding your billable hour requirements. Or exit quietly if you didn’t make the cut. This “up or out” system was the norm in legal careers for years; but client and employee demands are now shaking up this traditional model, resulting in more career options than an equity partnership.

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Need to Find Out if Lawyer Job Applicants Will Be a Good Fit?

Posted by Charles A. Volkert, Esq. on 12/16/14 9:00 AM

When considering attorneys for an open position, legal managers review applicants’ qualifications, professional experience, education, measurable accomplishments, and skills relevant to the job vacancy.


In addition, you need to ask the right questions during an interview to get a true sense if candidates are a good fit for the position and if they will be able to acclimate to an office culture that may be different from what they’re used to.

Topics: Management advice, Hiring advice

The Top eDiscovery Trends for 2015 Revealed (Free CLE webinar Dec. 17, 2014)

Posted by Lisa M. Hamilton on 12/12/14 9:00 AM

With 2015 nearly upon us, which eDiscovery and litigation trends are likely to have the greatest impact on legal teams in the months ahead? Join us for a complimentary webinar, “Managing eDiscovery: Top Trends for 2015,” on Wednesday, December 17, 2014, at 12 p.m. EDT. Listen to leading experts discuss noteworthy developments and share proven approaches for streamlining eDiscovery management, including:

Topics: Industry trends, e-Discovery

Hot Practice Area: Data Security and Privacy in the Legal Profession

Posted by Joel Wuesthoff, Esq. on 12/11/14 9:00 AM

By Joel Wuesthoff, Esq. and Sankara Shanmugam



Data privacy has been front page news in the wake of massive data breaches during the past several months. In one case, hackers nabbed credit card information from some 40 million unsuspecting customers of a large retailer. This breach is just one example of why the growing number of organizations that are handling sensitive data for everything from data hosting to payment processing to cloud storage and beyond are looking to counsel who understand the intricacies of data privacy – and can effectively manage the associated risks.

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Legal Job Seekers: 7 Competencies Boost Legal “Workplace Readiness”

Posted by Billie J. Watkins, Esq. on 12/9/14 9:00 AM

Whether you're a recent law school graduate looking for your first position or an employed professional considering a change in your legal career, you naturally recognize the importance of the practice experience required for particular legal job openings. But are you aware of other capabilities that employers value in the legal field, including the soft skills that aren't always indicated on legal job postings?

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Holiday How-To: Career Advice for Surviving the Office Holiday Party

Posted by Lisa M. Hamilton on 12/4/14 9:00 AM


Q: I just joined a new law firm, and the office holiday party is fast approaching. I don’t really know anyone yet, and I want to make sure I don’t commit any faux pas. Any career advice for how to make a good impression at the event?

A: It’s normal to feel anxious about an office holiday party, especially if you are a recent hire or starting your legal career. After all, after-hour work events are in that gray zone between the professional and social. What should you wear? What do you say? Should you indulge in the boss’s infamous egg nog?

Topics: Career advice

Point of View: Managing eDiscovery Reviews with Predictive Coding - Promises & Challenges

Posted by Frank Wu on 12/2/14 9:00 AM

New technologies often offer lawyers a competitive advantage and provide legal managers promises of improved operational effectiveness. But at the same time, they also can introduce new challenges and potential problems. Such is the case with eDiscovery and predictive coding – a powerful tool applied to a sizable data set to identify similar or related electronically stored information (ESI) or documents deemed "hot" within the larger population.


Predictive coding is being employed with increasing regularity by corporations, their outside counsel and government agencies to facilitate the identification of potentially responsive data, reduce the review of non-responsive documents and, where appropriate, conduct quality control. However, organizations are encountering certain hot spots and blind spots connected with predictive coding that are cause for concern.

Topics: e-Discovery

Paying It Forward: One-Third of Lawyers Report Increased Pro Bono Work

Posted by Lisa M. Hamilton on 11/26/14 9:00 AM

Thanksgiving is celebrated tomorrow here in the U.S. It's a time when many people reflect on the positive aspects of their lives and often make charitable contributions to help those who are in need. In the legal profession, pro bono service is recognized as a year-round program of "paying it forward." One-third (33 percent) of lawyers interviewed by Robert Half Legal said the number of hours they work on a volunteer basis has risen over the past five years. 

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Should You Disclose Your Paralegal Salary When Applying for a New Legal Job?

Posted by Robert Half Legal on 11/24/14 9:00 AM

Q: I’m in the midst of a job search and some firms are asking for my paralegal salary requirements or salary history along with a cover letter and resume. Do I really have to give a number or disclose what I’ve been making when applying for paralegal jobs? 

Money is a sticky subject, and negotiating your paralegal salary with a future employer is fraught with pitfalls. There are two ways to approach this conundrum: One, you can disclose your present paralegal salary or what you hope to earn upfront, hoping this information won’t scare away any potential legal job offers or lead you to leave money on the table. The other approach is to avoid specifics so you have more leverage to negotiate later on. Let’s examine the two approaches:

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